Lucia Mocnay

What an absolutely incredible process to retain the beauty of these wonderful creatures!

Death & Glory

I spoke to the lovely Lucia Mocnay about her beautiful anthropomorphic foxes and how she got into taxidermy. I strongly recommend checking out the stop motion animations she talks about as part of her inspiration (just click on the links in the interview).
There’s also an exclusive sneak peek at her newest creation, Dame Eleonora Nautique (aka Mrs Shippy). Enjoy!

Death&Glory:How did you get into taxidermy?

Lucia Mocnay: I got into taxidermy pretty unconventionally I think. I was always working with bones and feathers and other found objects in my art (I studied Fine Arts at Monash Uni in Melbourne) so it was I guess a natural progression, though I got into actual taxidermy because my partner is a tattoo artist, and he was always needing all sorts of still life references to draw from, so when we went to buy some taxidermy, I had a close look at…

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