Researchers say that when the moon was formed, it was about 14,000 miles (22,530 kilometers) from Earth. It’s now more than 450,000 kilometers away; so why not keep our lovely Luna close to your heart!

I have been playing around with some different jewellery concepts for a while and have finally created some wonderful necklaces which are available on my Etsy site.


These wonderfully large crescent moon pendants come on a 20inch silver chain and I promise I will ship all over this magnificent world! Go on, treat yourself.

Jennifer Angus

Death & Glory

What do you get if you mix wallpaper design and hundreds upon hundreds of dead bugs. You get Jennifer Angus.

Jennifer Angus creates incredibly intricate repetitive patterns by pinning exotic dried insects to walls and other surfaces. From a distance it appears as if it is just the pattern of the wallpaper but it is only on closer inspection that it becomes apparent that all is not quite as it seems.

Angus has been creating these installations for over ten years now. Her most recent work has been strongly influenced by the Victorians and their passion for travel, exploration and scientific discovery as well as their insatiable appetite for collecting wildlife (dead wildlife of course). She describes these collections as being exotic yet grotesque.

Although Angus is interested in these themes of collecting rare specimens she herself never uses endangered species. She collects her insects from ecologically sound and…

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Lucia Mocnay

What an absolutely incredible process to retain the beauty of these wonderful creatures!

Death & Glory

I spoke to the lovely Lucia Mocnay about her beautiful anthropomorphic foxes and how she got into taxidermy. I strongly recommend checking out the stop motion animations she talks about as part of her inspiration (just click on the links in the interview).
There’s also an exclusive sneak peek at her newest creation, Dame Eleonora Nautique (aka Mrs Shippy). Enjoy!

Death&Glory:How did you get into taxidermy?

Lucia Mocnay: I got into taxidermy pretty unconventionally I think. I was always working with bones and feathers and other found objects in my art (I studied Fine Arts at Monash Uni in Melbourne) so it was I guess a natural progression, though I got into actual taxidermy because my partner is a tattoo artist, and he was always needing all sorts of still life references to draw from, so when we went to buy some taxidermy, I had a close look at…

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Today I walked past a group of rather young children, they asked me if I was a ‘real life witch’- I just smiled, but as I hurried off, a ridiculous amount of glitter fell out of my bag and trailed behind me, causing all the kids to yell in shock.

I turned around to see what the fuss was about, and winked at the youngest girl.

Terrified, She burst into tears.


Gone away
all the dark has
taken over
happy thoughts have
no meaning
for this emptiness has
to be here
a reason
to smile gives me
a better chance
false hope
i have lost all
my delight
I am overcome by
i have lost.

Perhaps read this another way?
This by no means explains how I feel at the moment, in fact i feel quite the reverse.

– Staywise.